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Seeka has grown to become the largest producer of kiwifruit in New Zealand and Australia, and a major provider of supply chain services that’s delivers the very best produce to an ever-growing range of global consumers.

Data Engineers have been providing technical leadership, guidance and mentorship as well as implementing their DataSecOps framework to help speed up the development of Seeka's new Data Platform

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Anzco Foods

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ANZCO brings you nutrition and good health from New Zealand's finest beef and lamb. With a fully integrated supply chain, ANZCO has four core business activities:

  • Procurement of the best beef and lamb from New Zealand’s lush green pastures;
  • Processing of premium New Zealand beef and lamb in state-of-the-art, accredited facilities;
  • Designing and creation of food and healthcare products and solutions;
  • Marketing and delivery of our products and solutions to more than 80 countries around the world.

Data Engineers are activly involved in the technical design of Anzco Foods new Data Platform

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Jade World

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Jade helps organisations be digitally different to better engage and retain customers through cloud modernisation that combines People, Data and Software.

Data Engineers, in conjunction with Parallel 42 have partnered with Jade on their Data Modernization Project developing their internal Data Platform to streamline the internal operational reporting.

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Alliance is proudly New Zealand's only 100% farmer-owned red meat co-operative, exporting lamb, beef, venison & co-products to more than 65 countries.

A leading food and solutions company and taps into multiple markets and sectors including retail, food service and manufacturing. Supplying New Zealand’s finest grass-fed lamb, beef and venison for more than 70 years; their food is enjoyed in more than 65 countries around the world, from the rich tapestry of the United Kingdom to the intriguing and ancient wonders of Asia.

Data Engineers have been an integral part of the team providing technical leadership, guidance and mentorship as well as implementing their datasecops framework to help speed up the development of Alliance's new Data Platform

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Robotics Plus Ltd emerged from the need to solve the growing challenges in the global primary industries such as: labour shortages, sustainability for growers, pollination gaps and yield security

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Mr Apple

Primary Industry
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Mr Apple is the largest vertically integrated apple company in New Zealand, based in the Hawke’s Bay. They own and control orchards, packhouses, cool stores and logistics operations and are specialists in bringing pure and delicious New Zealand apples to the world.

Data Engineers have been an integral part of developing a data platform, data integrations and event based notifications to down stream systems in almost real time latency.

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RockIt Apple

Primary Industry
Discovery | Design | Development | Governance | Snowflake | Azure | DataOps | DevOps

Robotics Plus is an innovative New Zealand company, that is award winning for its efforts in the Primary Industry with automation.

Data Engineers have partnered with Rockit Apple to help them develop their Data Platform and transform how they process their operations.

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Ātihau-Whanganui Inc

Agriculture | Honey | Forestry
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Ātihau-Whanganui is based at the foothills of our Koro, Mt Ruapehu and is a collective of over 9000 shareholders – whānau of the Whanganui iwi and are one of Aotearoa’s largest farmers, responsible for around 70,000 sheep, 4,000 beef cows, 700 dairy cows, 3,000 beehives and 728 hectares of woodlots on our family farms.

Data Engineers, in conjunction with Cucumber have partnered with Ātihau-Whanganui on their Data Warehousing project developing their internal Data Platform to streamline the internal operational reporting.

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Environment Canterbury Regional Council

Local Government
Design | Development | Governance | Integration | Snowflake | Azure | DataOps | DevOps

Environment Canterbury (ECan) works within local government in New Zealand to provide environmental management and information to the Canterbury region.

Data Engineers was an integral part of the Water Data Programme which was re-defining how they receive, store, analyse and serve their data associated with water through a modern data platform. The programme has since morphed into an Understanding Canterbury Pipeline of work and we are involved in the continuous improvement to the data and underlying systems.

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Move Logistics

Development | Integration | SQL Server

One of New Zealand’s largest end-to-end logistics experts, freight forwarders, and warehousing providers. As a 4PL partner, they can support you and your supply chain from start to finish.

Data Engineers have been an integral part of developing middleware ETL Solutions between the warehouse management systems and different forms of the client's data with complex business logic.

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Farmlands Co-operative aim that everybody should prosper. This sentiment remains as strong as ever. Farmlands is the largest buying group of its type in New Zealand, transacting more than 2.5 billion dollars' worth of business annually and is listed in the top 20 companies by turnover in New Zealand. This buying power helps reduce the input costs of more than 70,000 Farmlands shareholders nationwide.

Data Engineers partnered with Microsoft and were an integral part while migrating their data to D365 from their different source of data. 

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