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At Data Engineers we like to practice what we preach so therefore we are able to be as hands on or hands off our customers would like us to be. We can help at any stage of a project be it at the start and help design and setup a solution or become a valued member of your team.

We offer the following services which allow us to adapt to our customers needs.


It’s been said that when it comes to large-scale, complex software builds, a little planning can help reduce a lot of waste. By getting the right architecture we are able to plan a way to govern how work gets done over the life of your project, from the tools, technologies, patterns, and frameworks to be used, to the teams and how they are structured.

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Working with our customer to help them transform the way they use technology. Traditionally, these transformations have been geared towards improving business processes, reducing costs, maximizing use of tech opportunities, and more.

We offer technology based consultancy services around platforms, framework & strategies and governance around the best of breed technologies which support.

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We take the time to understand your users & what problems your software will solve and actively look for the best solutions that fits the needs rather than just because it is in the tool box already to make processes more efficient for both our customers and their customers.

We offer technology based development services for a complete integrated path to enable improved integration and exposure of business data where it matters.

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Streamlining rudimentary, repetitive tasks, and turns several similar business processes into a single action with a few quick keystrokes. Well known benefits of process automation include increased productivity and efficiency because automation leaves the menial jobs to computers, such as process mining.

We believe you can automate all aspects of both software, data and cloud infrastructure so you end up with repeatable processes and take away the human error from deployments.

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