No external Access Required Almost Real-time Alerting Low Snowflake Credit Self Expandable

Need to be notified that your have a problem with something in Snowflake? Don't want to grant a third party monitoring solution access to your Snowflake instance?

If you have answered yes to either of these, then you have been waiting for 

Our software as a service solution which integrates with your snowflake's error and email notification integrations which pushes notifications to cloud services where will pick up can then deliver the notification to a variety of destinations.

We have developed an open source project which has a set of Monitors which can be integrated and run on a schedule to check critical and potential time and costly actions so you know there is a potential problem or blow out of cost before end users or managers know.

The best thing is, if you have a specific thing you need to monitor, you can create your own script and send through to!

Working with a number of organizations, we noticed that unless we gave high privileged access to a 3rd party saas solution and then push data for them to monitor, there is nothing available. We believe in the least privilege approach and no data should leave your environment at all.

Snowflake are enabling error notifications for snowpipes and tasks where the data will be pushed to Azure EventGrids and Amazon SNS, is able to consume the messages from these services via a webhook and push out to the same endpoints as if you were to utilize the your own Monitors.

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No external access required
Data is pushed not pulled
Low Snowflake Credit Usage
Different classification of Alerts
Integrated with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Azure Log Analytics and Email
Integrated with new Snowflake Email Notifications
Integrated with new Snowflake Error Notifications Pushes to Event Grid or Amazon SNS
Utilizes Monitors (Long running queries, failed logins for example)
Expandable within your own Snowflake instance

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