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Data Engineers have developed the following solutions to help our customers get up to speed and with modern development practices and to remove some of the repetitive tasks when starting out on a new project.

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Data Ops Framework

Our DataOps framework has been designed to be able to bring the same software engineering practices to the data engineering workspace. We have put together the best of breed open source packages together to streamline the ingestion, development, deployment and governance of data.

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Need to be notified that your have a problem with something in Snowflake? Don't want to grant a third party monitoring solution access to your Snowflake instance?

If you have answered yes to either of these, then you have been waiting for Monitorial.io. This is our software as a service solution which integrates with your snowflake's error and email notification integrations which pushes notifications to cloud services where Monitorial.io will pick up can then deliver the notification to a variety of destinations.

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