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Microsoft Azure can provide you with an almost limitless set of possibilities. But with this incredible choice on offer, it becomes important to have a solution tailored around your needs. Getting the cloud services you need to use right can make an enormous difference to the efficiency, productivity of your business which is where Data Engineers can help navigate through the complexities and pitfalls of the Azure Platform. 

With an ever-expanding range of options for your cloud services and deployments, it is important to get unbiased, expert advice on the best possible solution for your business needs. Our certified consultants can work with you from start to finish providing guidance on everything from extending your existing infrastructure through to the cloud to migrating your whole system to the cloud and anywhere in between.

Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a public computing platform that includes infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Integration as a Service (iPaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) at its core. Azure offers everything a business needs for running virtual computing, storing, networking, analytics, databases, and more.

  • It offers complete IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS compatibility.
  • It offers flexibility to move computing resources up and down as per necessity.
  • It supports almost all operating systems, languages, tools, and frameworks.
  • It offers 99.5% availability and 24/7 tech support.
  • It houses data in geosynchronous data centers for seamless global accessibility.
  • It is cost-efficient as it operates with pay for what you use model.

How Can we help?

Data Engineers have the capability, passion, and the ability to translate the complexities of Azure into personable, easy to understand format just for you.

Azure Review

Typically new organizations to the cloud allow things to progress organically while the team size is small. However as this grows along with the cost, its good to pause, assess and review what has been done to date. Security, Identity, Naming Conventions, Connectivity and Cost to name a few are things which typically aren't considered. We are able to undertake a review of your Azure Tenancy and advise your cloud maturity level and what remediation items that are recommended to ensure you are following best practices and keeping your costs down.

Architecture & Design

When you build a house, you would go to an architect who would design what you have in mind and would include a design for the correct foundations to support the design. Your Azure Tenancy is no different. Having a solid foundation early on is critical to the enablement of the teams who are wanting to deploy resources. We are able to help architect & design the correct foundations required from subscriptions through to the resources necessary for networking, security and access. Ensuring users are able to adopt cloud knowing that its safe and secure by default. We have a passionate team who want to help you make the most of the cloud to enable quicker delivery for your teams.


Data Integration has traditionally been point to point between systems meaning when you need to swap a system upstream or downstream then you need to re-work a number of integrations usually on a short timescale. Integration is no longer just for systems to consume with a warehousing process occurring once a day, there are unknown consumers of the data needing the same information or management teams needing upto date information to make informed decisions as soon as the information becomes available. With the power of Azure, there are numerous techniques to achieve a de-coupled integration strategy from Publish and Subscribe models using Azure Service Bus or Event Grids, Streaming Services using Event Hubs or Streaming Analytics through to Orchestration and Delivery tools such as Azure Function Apps, Azure Logic Apps or Azure Web Apps. We are able to review and advise what would need to be implemented in order to have a de-coupled integration platform.

Cost Management

Cost, the one term developers don't have much appreciation for. With cloud adoption its not uncommon for costs to get away from organizations. When developers are able to deploy resources on SKU's and Tiers of their choosing it becomes easy for costs to escalate easily. Using budgets and periodic reviews of costs is an evil necessity to ensure they don't spiral out of control. Resources are typically over provisioned as when on prem they were put on the kit available, however in the cloud should be taking advantage of the platforms elasticity, by using platform native functionality such as scalability, elastic pools and reserved instances to mention a few. Once we have done a review of your platform, we will be able to advise where resources are over provisioned or could take advantage of different configurations.


Cloud governance is the process of managing and monitoring the use of cloud computing, and deals with the rules and regulations that govern the cloud. It includes both the policies and processes that are needed to manage cloud computing, as well as a company’s ability to enforce those policies and processes. It is important for businesses to have the right cloud governance in place because it helps them to control costs, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. Cloud governance also provides an overall strategy for managing the cloud services which helps to ensure that the organization's goals are being met. The goal of cloud governance is to ensure that public clouds are safe, secure, and reliable. Once we have done a review of your platform, we will be able to advise how to develop the correct governance strategies so that it becomes a first class citizen rather than an after thought.


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