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Data Engineers help enterprises to move from their legacy, on-premises data analytics infrastructure to a modern, scalable solution, leveraging Snowflake's leading-edge data warehouse built for the cloud.

Data Engineers has certified consultants and helped several large, strategic enterprise customers realize the full benefits of cloud computing and therefore accelerate their technology with time.  Snowflake and Data Engineers joint customers are servicing several industries ensuring they are making best use of the tool.

Why Snowflake?

Snowflake’s unique architecture empowers data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and data application developers to work on any data without the performance, concurrency or scales limitations of other solutions. Snowflake is a single, near-zero maintenance platform delivered as-a-service. It features compute, storage, and cloud services layers that are logically integrated but scale independent from one another, making it an ideal platform for many workloads.

The Snowflake data platform is not built on any existing database technology or “big data” software platforms such as Hadoop. Instead, Snowflake combines a completely new SQL query engine with an innovative architecture natively designed for the cloud. To the user, Snowflake provides all of the functionality of an enterprise analytic database, along with many additional special features and unique capabilities.

Secure and governed by design, and compatible with popular ETL, BI, and data science tools, Snowflake enables data professionals to support many data warehouses, data lake, data engineering and data science workloads with virtually unlimited concurrency. Snowflake is also a powerful query processing back-end platform for developers creating modern data-driven applications.

Metadata is also automatic. What’s more, metadata processing within Snowflake is automatic and does not compete with the compute resources running your queries. This means Snowflake can scale near-infinitely as your compute resources scale-out.

How Can we help?

Data Engineers have the capability, passion, and the ability to translate the complexities of your Data Platform requirements so they are personable, easy to understand format just for you.

Data Platform Review

When deciding on a data platform, its important to know your options and what each platform brings and believe Snowflake is presently the best cloud native platform out there. As the data platform usage grows so does does cost, its good to pause, assess and review what has been done to date. SSO, Security, Naming Conventions, Warehouse Usage and Cost to name a few are things which typically aren't considered. We are able to undertake a review of your Snowflake instance and advise your data platform maturity level and what remediation items that are recommended to ensure you are following best practices and keeping your costs down.

Architecture & Design

When you build a house, you would go to an architect who would design what you have in mind and would include a design for the correct foundations to support the design. Your Data Platform should be no different. Having a solid foundation early on is critical to the enablement of the teams who are wanting to deploy new functionality for end users. We are able to help architect & design the correct foundations required to enable both DevOps and DataOps processes to enable a seamless use of the platform from getting access to the source data all the way through to delivering to end users. Ensuring users are able to adopt the data platform knowing that its safe and secure by default. We have a passionate team who want to help you make the most of the cloud to enable quicker delivery for your teams.


When we think of traditional data platforms, we often think of getting hold of the data via ETL Processes (Extract => Transform => Load) which means the data lands inside the data platform not in its native unaltered state. In a modern data platform the best way is to extract and load the data in its native format and then transform the data as necessary. There are a number of techniques which can be used to extract data from a source depending on the capability of the source system and a number of techniques to load the data into the data platform from streaming data to flat file data to direct data inserts . We like to think of the data platform providing the ability to de-couple point-to-point solutions into a publish-subscribe mode so you have a singe integrated source of data which end systems can the subscribe to. We are able to review and advise what would need to be implemented in order to have a de-coupled integration platform.

Cost Management

Cost is the one item which can be a run-away item for example from overprovisioning of warehouses, poor performing queries or long running queries to name a couple. Within snowflake there a number of ways cost can be highlighted before you receive the bill at the end of the month from utilizing our SnowWatch solution for altering, creation of serverless tasks to inbuilt dashboards and resource monitors. Once we have done a review of your platform, we will be able to advise how you are potentially able to get your costs under control.


Data governance is an organization’s management of its data availability, usability, consistency, and data integrity and data security. Data governance defines who can take what action, upon what data, in what situations, using what methods and includes the processes, roles, policies, standards, and metrics for ensuring effective data management throughout the lifecycle of the data and for its use by the entire organization. Effective data governance empowers users to develop business insights from high-quality, secure, and trustworthy data.

Data governance often conjures up the idea of some central authority instituting a “culture of no,” but in reality it can be a powerful engine to scale the use and distribution of trusted data pipelines throughout the company. At Data Engineers we understand that data has always been an after thought and can help you along your journey so that its becomes a natural part of your workflow.  Once we have done a review of your platform, we will be able to advise how to develop the correct governance strategies so that it becomes a first class citizen rather than an after thought.


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