Data Exposures

Data is all well and good being stored at a source or a central data repository, where there is real value is when end users can start using that data to make informative decisions in a timely manor.

There are numerous different user types which require access to the timely data from end users making informative decisions through to data scientists through to third parties wanting to consume data into their own systems. All of which can be achieved in a number of different ways, such as message based, graphical user interfaces, data sharing, direct data access or on demand access via an application programmable interface.


A more traditional way to deliver information to stakeholders based on a point in time information. These can be delivered either via tools such as PowerBi, Tableau or Looker to name a few online tools or delivered to email inboxes. We are able to work with a variety of tools to be able to deliver based on your existing reporting tools for the requirements and use cases needed.


With more and more data being gathered and the need to make better informed decisions, faster access to the data is required and a near real-time dashboard is a convenient way to surface the information. Information could come in from services such as Azure Streaming Analytics or through existing data accessed from the Data Repository via Snowflake's Dashboards or Power BI's direct access queries. One of the considerations to think about is how near real-time do you need the data? As more real-time the data, the higher the cost of the data from both acquisition and data access points of views.

We are able to design and build dashboards around your requirements to ensure the most appropriate delivery of the dashboard in a cost effective way.

Data Sharing

As collaboration between organizations or within organizational divisions increase the need to provide live data increases. Traditionally data dumps were required to achieve this which were costly to produce and was prone to human error. With our Data Platform of Choice, Snowflake, we are able grant access to the live data eliminating the need for copying, transforming, and moving data. This allows better collaboration across the data you want to share out and doesn't require your data to leave your data store.

Snowflake provides a Data Exchange, allowing you access to 3rd party datasets such was Weather Forecasts and environment data which you can then use internally with your own data. Or publish your own data for others to consume, allowing you data to be accessible to a wider audience. For example, predicting what river flow level will be on the weekend could determine if you could go Kayaking or white water rafting. or knowing what the weather has been like historically and what its predicted to be putting it against your produce growth data could help inform when is the correct time to spray a crop or pick it. 

Direct Access

Internal Organizational users as data analysts or data scientists need access to more data that is exposed out via reports or dashboards so they are able to able to discover insights on the datasets and ultimately provide to the decision makers utilizing the performance, ease of use, governance, and security while working inside Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

These users can use SQL or more advanced methods such as Python, Java or Scalar within Snowpark with familiar DataFrame and custom function support to build powerful and efficient pipelines, machine learning (ML) workflows, and data applications. Alternatively access the data using your favorite tool set such as R Studio or Databricks.

Authentication and Authorization is essential to ensure only the relevant data is exposed to the relevant uses. We are able to ensure the correct security framework is in place so users are able to get the most out of the data.

API Access

Providing API access to the data is imperative for 3rd party integrations where Data Sharing is not an option. Utilizing either GraphQL or RESTful API Endpoints allows users access the data they need when they need it in a repeatable manor. We can help architect and develop your data access platform utilising Azure Functions or WebAPI's to access the data being Azure's API Management backed with Azure B2C providing a developer portal for discovery and a separate gateway security such as authentication, throttling and access to the downstream API.

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